Eligible for "Overall (AU and/or NZ) Team Prizes": True

Eligible for "Top Australian Team Prizes": True

Eligible for "Top All-Female Team Prizes": True

347th place

1429 points


User Name Score
walkingsea 829
speedy 300
RealBritneySpears 300


Challenge Category Value Time
Intercepted Transmissions beginner 100
zoo feedback form beginner 100
Baby's First Forensics forensics 100
parrot the emu beginner 100
survey misc 100
tldr please summarise beginner 100
They're Making Decoys osint 121
Bridget Lives osint 100
Sun Zi's Perfect Math Class beginner 100
marketing osint 108
cityviews osint 100
back to the jungle osint 100
offtheramp osint 100
discord misc 100